wolfMQTT with Post-Quantum KYBER and FALCON

Here at wolfSSL, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the various post-quantum developments related to the protocols we support. wolfMQTT is a client side library that supports the MQTT publish and subscribe protocol that is a very good fit for IoT applications.

Recently, the OpenQuantumSafe project got a pull request for a new demo which featured the mosquito MQTT broker operating on top of TLS 1.3 with post-quantum cryptographic algorithms. Naturally, we were very excited to try and run some interoperability tests against it!

This blog post is to announce that wolfMQTT now supports KYBER_LEVEL1 KEM group and P256_KYBER_LEVEL1 hybrid group for key exchange along with FALCON_LEVEL1 for signature authentication over TLS 1.3. Our implementation has been successfully tested for inter-operability with the OpenQuantumSafe project’s mosquito MQTT broker demo. If you would like to try it out, please follow the instructions athttps://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfmqtt#post-quantum-mqtt-support

Want different post-quantum groups for KEM key exchange? Want other post-quantum signature schemes? Want to see the wolfSSL team make a post-quantum MQTT broker? Want to see this setup working on STM32 devices? Contact your wolfSSL regional business director or e-mail us at facts@wolfssl.com to discuss these possibilities!