wolfMQTT v0.8 (06/13/16)

We’ve added an Azure IoT Hub example to wolfMQTT in the v0.8 release. For this example we setup an Azure cloud server to demonstrate the IoT Hub. This example demonstrates how to connect/authenticate (creation of a SasToken), how to publish events and how to listening for device bound messages.

Release Notes:
* Fixed stdin capture bug and improved signal (ctrl+c) handling.
* Added Azure IoT hub MQTT client example.
* Added support for MQX / RTCS.
* Added “–disable-tls” and “–disable-examples” configure options.
* Added comment about max packet size.
* Added example for how to load a client certificate to mqttclient example.
* Added return code for firmware and azure examples that are not compiled in due to older / incompatible version of wolfSSL.
* Moved the support for custom printf/line endings into the mqtt_types.h for use throughout the project.
* Updated README.md with information about the examples.

If you have any questions about wolfMQTT or the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library, contact us at facts@wolfssl.com