wolfSentry preview release 0.4.0 — the wolfSSL Embedded IDPS

Today wolfSSL Inc. releases the 4th preview release of wolfSentry, wolfSSL’s IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System) for embedded and IoT systems. wolfSentry is address- and bus-agnostic, and brings static and dynamic firewalls, event-driven notification and logging support, and unlimited extensibility, to deeply embedded and realtime systems.

This release has several new features of note:

  • The JSON configuration format now allows user-defined key-value pairs. The JSON configuration can then be used as a unified configuration package for both the wolfSentry core and user-installed plugin logic. Binary objects can be supplied in the configuration using base64 encoding, and user plugins can then access it in the decoded raw binary form. The key-value facility also supports a custom validator callback to enforce constraints on user-defined config params in the JSON.
  • User-defined address families are now available, allowing idiomatic formats for non-Internet addresses in the JSON config. This allows plugin support for various buses and device namespaces beyond the core builtin IP and MAC address support.
  • A generic JSON DOM (random access) facility is now included, for use as a helper in user plugins and applications.
  • This release also introduces substantial improvements in infrastructure to support default policies, statistics, notification, and logging.

Because this is a preview release, some capabilities are only partially implemented. In particular, dynamic defenses and thread safety are only partially implemented.

Follow this blog and our GitHub for the latest — the first production-ready release of wolfSentry is coming soon!

We particularly seek to enable researchers with this release. Let us know what you think at facts@wolfssl.com, or ask us about our plans, and we’ll respond. We want wolfSentry to be fully vetted by the best in the OSS community.

Download wolfSentry now from https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfsentry, and tell us what your IDPS priorities are!