wolfSSH 1.4.5 Now Available

wolfSSL Inc is proud to announce the release of wolfSSH v1.4.5, the embedded SSH library for devices, IoT, and the cloud. Included in the release are:

  • Added SSH-AGENT support to the echoserver and client
  • Added support for building for EWARM
  • Echoserver can now spawn a shell and set up a pty with it
  • Added example to the SCP callback for file transfers without a filesystem
  • Fix for building with wolfSSL v4.5.0 with respect to `wc_ecc_set_rng()`; configure will detect the function’s presence and work around it absence; see note in internal.c regarding the flag `HAVE_WC_ECC_SET_RNG` if not using configure
  • Improved interoperability with winSCP
  • Improved interoperability with Dropbear
  • Example client can now authenticate with public keys

Contact us at facts@wolfssl.com with any questions about using new features available in the wolfSSH embedded SSH library! Download the new release today from the wolfSSL download page or direct from GitHub.