wolfSSL 2.0 New Features – Part 4

Here`s the fourth part in a four part series giving a more detailed report on some of the new features present in the recent wolfSSL release.

• Shared build only by default.  wolfSSL used to build in shared mode and static mode by default, somewhat handy, but twice as time consuming.  Now, wolfSSL will only build in shared mode by default, seemingly speeding up the build by a factor of two.  Of course either mode can still be explicitly disabled or enabled.

• Compiler visibility additions.  wolfSSL now uses compiler visibility, if the compiler supports it, to explicitly expose or hide non static functions.  This decreases wolfSSL`s pollution of the global namespace and also decreases the chance of collisions.

• Single Makefile.  wolfSSL used to use Makefiles recursively, one for each directory.  While initially easy to setup, there are several drawbacks to this configuration including slow build times and increasingly complex interactions between the files.  The new single makefile is simpler and faster.  Thanks to Brian Aker for suggesting the last two items.

• Kitchen sink warnings.  wolfSSL now has a configure option (–enable-gcc-lots-o-warnings) that turns on many additional warnings that shouldn`t fire in a release.  wolfSSL has removed the ones that do, though not all systems, versions, compiler versions have been tested so we`re still fine-tuning these.

Please email us at info@yassl.com or support@yassl.com with any questions regarding the above feature additions, or wolfSSL / embedded SSL in general.