wolfSSL 2.0 RC2 – Call for Testing

With release candidate 2, the full 2.0 version of wolfSSL is drawing near. We have chosen to put out several release candidates for wolfSSL 2.0 because of the volume of new features that were added combined with the number of bugs that are fixed in this release.

We would like to invite any interested developers and users to download and test wolfSSL 2.0 RC2 and let us know what you find. This will help speed up the release process, and hopefully turn up some bugs that we can fix before the final release. For testing, you can download the most recent version of wolfSSL 2.0 RC2 from our GitHub page, here:


Instructions for building wolfSSL can be found in the wolfSSL Manual, Chapter 2, titled “Building wolfSSL”. With RC2, we have also updated our documentation. If you find any documentation mistakes, or have suggestions in how we can improve, please let us know. Updated documentation can be found on our Docs page.

Please send any feedback, questions, or comments to info@yassl.com, or post to our support forums .

Thanks for your help!

Team yaSSL