wolfSSL 2013 First Half Report

wolfSSL has made considerable progress in the first half of 2013, including a company name change to wolfSSL,  improvements to the CyaSSL lightweight SSL library, initiation of our FIPS 140-2 certification, and the introduction of our wolfCrypt cryptography library.  Being an open source company, we like to keep our users, customers, and followers up to date on our progress.  As such, we have compiled an overview of wolfSSL`s steady development in the first half of 2013.

Business and Company Progress

– Successfully participated in the following events: CES 2013, RSA USA 2013, DESIGN West 2013, and Interop 2013.  
– Name change that better reflects our company and culture.  To us the wolf represents us well as it is a creature that communicates effectively, works well in groups, and shares with the pack.
– Added more developers to the team
– Increased activity in onsite consulting to help customers design and validate their security architectures
– Dramatic increase in design wins for wolfCrypt
– Added many more high profile customers
– On track to double our business again this year
– We continue to actively support the open source community

CyaSSL Technical Progress

– Timely fix for Lucky13 attack
– BLAKE2 (SHA-3 candidate) hash function support
– Memory/stack tracking with examples
– IPv6 example support including link local addresses
– Alignment support at the SSL layer for hardware devices that require it
– New configure switches per algorithm
– Wildcard domain name match check including Subject altnames
– Ability to unload certs/keys for lower memory use
– SNI (Server Name Indication) support
– DTLS 1.2 support including AEAD ciphers
– DTLS reliability enhancements
– SHA-384 cipher suites
– AES-CCM-8 crypto and cipher suites
– Camellia crypto and cipher suites
– Updated API documentation
– Added LeanPSK build option able to get size down to 20k

CyaSSL Porting Progress

– Cavium NITROX support
– Updated ThreadX/NetX support
– KEIL MDK-ARM project files
– Updated Xcode project file
– HP/UX support
– Microchip PIC32 support
– Microchip MPLAB X project files for PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit
– STM32F2 support including hardware crypto and RNG


– Gearman now support CyaSSL

Team wolfSSL is looking forward to continued growth and development in the second half of 2013!  Stay tuned to our blog or social media streams to stay up-to-date on new developments.