wolfSSL 2016 Annual Report

Each year we like to document, review, and reflect on our progress, the details of which are below.  As most of our consumers know, we’ve been diligent in the squashing of bugs, our testing, and the addition of features.

We made a world of progress in 2016, but these accomplishments stand out:

1. We’ve continued to make significant enhancements to our unrivaled cryptography test rig,
2. We’ve added support for a number of secure enclaves, and
3. We added to our already long list of hardware assisted cryptography methods, and finally,
4. We’ve added a number of new environments and algo’s to our FIPS-140 certificate.
5. We also crossed over to securing over 2 Billion connections

All in all, we’re pretty happy with what we’ve done!

Now let’s look forward into 2017!  You can expect us to release a string of TLS 1.3 based enhancements.  Our TLS 1.3 client is currently in alpha, and will make progress quickly.  Shout out and many thanks to the IETF TLS WG for making systematic progress on the new protocol.

You can also expect us to make a lot of progress on supporting additional secure enclaves.  They are now a fundamental requirement for professional IoT designs.  The same is true for the server side of the connection, where clunky HSM’s will be replaced by Intel’s SGX.

See below for all of the engaging details!

wolfSSL Technical Progress

A total of five wolfSSL releases were delivered in 2016, each with bug fixes, enhancements, and new feature additions.  Highlights of these releases included:

1. New Algorithm Support:
a. AES-CMAC (RFC 4493)
b. SHA-224 (RFC 3874)
c. Scrypt (RFC 7914)
d. AES Key Wrap (RFC 3394)
e. ANSI-X9.63 KDF (Key Derivation Function)
2. New Hardware Crypto Support:
a. ARMv8
b. Intel SGX
c. Intel RDSEED and AES-NI enhancements
e. Updated STMicroelectronics STM32 support
3. ECC Improvements:
a. ECC performance enhancements
b. ECC Custom Curve support
c. SECP, Koblitz, and Brainpool curve support
4. Additional PKCS Support:
a. PKCS#12 certificate processing
b. Updated PKCS#7 and CMS support
5. Language Bindings:
a. Python Wrapper
b. C# Wrapper
1. Asynchronous wolfCrypt and TLS Client Support
7. Enhanced DTLS Support:
a. DTLS over SCTP
b. DTLS session export
8. wolfSSL SSL/TLS Layer Improvements
a. TLS Extended Master Secret
b. New static memory only build option
c. Dynamic session tickets
d. LeanTLS build option
e. CTX level RNG for single-threaded builds
f. OCSP improvements
g. New Cipher Suites
ii. ECDHE-PSK suites
iii. PSK-CHACHA20-POLY1305 suites
h. Expanded unit and algorithm testing
9. wolfCrypt Improvements
a. Support for Whitewood netRandom library
b. Expanded benchmark support
c. RSA OAEP Padding Support
d. ChaCha20-Poly1305 Update

wolfSSL Porting Progress

1. New Operating System Support
b. Frosted
c. uTasker
d. embOS
2. Compiler and Framework Support:
a. Updated Visual Studio support
b. Updated MDK5 projects
c. MinGW Compatibility Updates
d. Updated NXP KSDK support
e. Updated LPCXpresso example project
3. Board Support:
a. STMicroelectronics STM32CubeMX support
b. Microchip/Atmel ATECC508A support
c. NXP K82 support
d. Nordic nRF51 support
e. Arduino support update and example client
4. Distro and Community Support:
a. Better OS distro support (–enable-distro)
b. Updated wolfSSL MySQL Support
c. Inclusion in Ubuntu!

wolfSSL Events and Tradeshows

The wolfSSL team participated in a total of 20 events in 2016, including:

1. FOSDEM (Brussels, Belgium)
2. Embedded World (Nuremberg, Germany)
3. RSA USA (San Francisco, CA)
4. ESC Boston (Boston, MA)
5. NXP FTF (Austin, TX)
6. Microchip MASTERS (Phoenix, AZ)
7. IoT Devcon (Santa Clara, CA)
8. Sensors Expo (San Jose, CA)
9. Black Hat (Las Vegas, NV)
10. Intel Developer Forum (San Francisco, CA)
11. ENOVA (Paris, France)
12. ESC Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)
13. Sensors Midwest (Rosemont, IL)
14. ST Developers Conference (Santa Clara, CA)
15. IoT Korea (Seoul, South Korea)
16. IoT Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
17. ARM TechCon (Santa Clara, CA)
18. Hackaday Superconference (Pasadena, CA)
19. Embedded Technology Conference (Yokohama, Japan)
20. ICMC (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

In summary, we had a great year!  2016 was successful for us on multiple fronts, and we look forward to serving our customers and community with ever more secure and functional software in 2017!  As always, your feedback is welcome at facts@wolfssl.com!