wolfSSL 3.4.0 is Now Available

Release 3.4.0 wolfSSL has bug fixes and new features including:

• wolfSSL API and wolfCrypt API, you can still include the cyassl and ctaocrypt headers which will enable the compatibility APIs for the foreseeable future
• Example use of the wolfCrypt API can be found in wolfcrypt/test/test.c
• Example use of the wolfSSL API can be found in examples/client/client.c
• Curve25519 now supported at the wolfCrypt level, wolfSSL layer coming soon
• Improvements in the build configuration under AIX
• Microchip PIC32 MZ updates
• TI-RTOS updates
• PowerPC updates
• Xcode project update
• Bidirectional shutdown examples in client/server with -w (wait for full shutdown) option
• Cycle counts on benchmarks for x86_64, more coming soon
• ALT_ECC_SIZE for reducing ecc heap use with fastmath when also using large RSA keys
• Various compile warnings
• Scan-build warning fixes
• Changed a memcpy to memmove in the sniffer (if using sniffer please update)
• No high level security fixes that requires an update though we always recommend updating to the latest