wolfSSL 3.6.0 Released

The new release of the wolfSSL embedded SSL library has bug fixes and new features including:

– Max Strength build that only allows TLSv1.2, AEAD ciphers, and PFS (Perfect
   Forward Secrecy).  With –enable-maxstrength.
– Server side session ticket support, the example server and echoserver use the
   example callback myTicketEncCb(), see wolfSSL_CTX_set_TicketEncCb().
– FIPS version submitted for iOS.
– TI Crypto Hardware Acceleration.
– DTLS fragmentation fixes.
– ECC key check validation with wc_ecc_check_key().
– 32bit code options to reduce memory for Curve25519 and Ed25519.
– wolfSSL JNI build switch with –enable-jni.
– PicoTCP support improvements.
– DH min ephemeral key size enforcement with wolfSSL_CTX_SetMinDhKey_Sz().
– KEEP_PEER_CERT and AltNames can now be used together.
– ChaCha20 big endian fix, big endian users should update.
– SHA-512 signature algorithm support for key exchange and verify messages.
– ECC make key crash fix on RNG failure, ECC users must update.
– Improvements to usage of time code.
– Improvements to VS solution files.
– GNU Binutils 2.24 ld has problems with some debug builds, to fix an ld error
  add -fdebug-types-section to C_EXTRA_FLAGS

– No high level security fixes that requires an update though we always
  recommend updating to the latest (except note 14, ecc RNG failure)

See INSTALL file for build instructions.
More info can be found on-line at http://wolfssl.com/yaSSL/Docs.html