wolfSSL 5.5.3 release

wolfSSL 5.5.3 is available! This is a minor release, containing some enhancements, fixes and one vulnerability fix. The vulnerability fix was thanks to a report from the Trail of Bits team! It affects a very specific build, having the debug macro WOLFSSL_CALLBACKS set. If using WOLFSSL_CALLBACKS it is recommended to upgrade to wolfSSL version 5.5.3 or later. For more information about the vulnerability visit the vulnerabilities page here (https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/security-vulnerabilities/).

Some of the enhancements included in this release were x86 assembly additions for performance, a port to Xilinx Versal with calls to the hardened crypto available and additional ARM 32bit assembly for performance increases. The full list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog.md bundled with wolfSSL or on the website www.wolfssl.com.

For questions about wolfSSL contact facts@wolfssl.com.