wolfSSL and LibSCS

wolfSSL is now available as a crypto provider for KoanLogic’s SCS library, LibSCS. SCS, a small cryptographic protocol layered on top of the HTTP cookie facility [RFC6265], allows its users to produce and consume authenticated and encrypted cookies, as opposed to usual cookies, which are un-authenticated and sent in clear text.

From the LibSCS README, “By having a non-tamperable proof of authorship attached, each SCS cookie can always be validated by the originator, making it possible for a server to handle clients` session state without the need to store it locally. In fact, an SCS enabled server could completely delegate the application state storage to the client (e.g. a web browser) and use it, in all respects, as a remote storage device. The result of the cryptographic transformations applied to state data can be used to ensure that its information authenticity and confidentiality attributes are the same as if they were stored privately on server-side.”

You can build LibSCS with wolfSSL by running the following commands. You must have KoanLogic’s makl installed on your development machine (http://koanlogic.com/makl/) to build the package. See the libscs README and INSTALL files for more detailed instructions.

makl-conf –crypto=cyassl

libscs GitHub repository: https://github.com/koanlogic/LibSCS

If you have any questions about wolfSSL with LibSCS, please contact KoanLogic (info@koanlogic) or yaSSL (info@yassl.com).