wolfSSL announces wolfCLU (a command line utility)

wolfSSL has laid the groundwork for a portable command line utility. We wanted our community to be aware so you have the opportunity to begin using it with the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library!

wolfCLU currently has the following features:

– Autoconf for portability
– Encrypt a file and store it locally on your computer
– Decrypt that file after it has been encrypted, or send it via email to your friend, if he/she knows the password and algorithm used for encryption, they can then decrypt it on their computer
– Hash a single file (IE a zip archive) for verification
– Benchmark the currently configured Algorithms

On the wolfCLU to-do-list:

– X509 Certificate generation
– X509 Certificate pem-to-der/der-to-pem
– FIPS certified build option
– Integration into wolfSSL distribution


Please head on over and check out the README!