wolfSSL Asynchronous Release v4.1.0

A new update to the asynchronous version of wolfSSL v4.1.0 has been released. With this release comes bug fixes and new features included in the wolfSSL v4.1.0 release.

In addition to all the wolfSSL v4.1.0 fixes, the asynchronous version also includes the following:

  • Fixes for memory stability on QuickAssist:
    • Fix for possible issue with QAT NUMA allocations failing and causing downstream issues.
    • Fix to only call NUMA free if actually NUMA type.
    • Fix to not use NUMA types for in/out if QAT cipher and hashing are disabled.
    • Fix to resolve issue with repeated calls to IntelQaRsaPublicFree. The pPublicKey variable is a pointer and is cleared with XMEMSET(opData.
    • Cleanup for non-NUMA alloc case.
    • Updates to README.md for Intel QAT.
  • Updates to Cavium Nitrox README.md.

For more information on wolfSSL Async, download the flyer here.

If interested in evaluating our asynchronous versions of wolfSSL or wolfCrypt please email us at facts@wolfssl.com.