wolfSSL Cisco cjose Port

The wolfSSL library has added support for the cisco/cjose library in version 4.4.0. cjose implements Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) in C/C++. JOSE is a framework that allows parties to exchange transfer claims in a secure way. The cjose library has been ported to work with wolfSSL, the best tested crypto library on the market.

To build wolfSSL for cjose:

  • ./configure --enable-opensslall --enable-aeskeywrap CPPFLAGS='-DHAVE_EX_DATA -DWOLFSSL_KEY_GEN'
  • make
  • make install

To build cjose for wolfSSL:

  • Download the appropriate patch from https://github.com/wolfSSL/osp/tree/master/cjose. Choose a patch that corresponds or is closest to your version of cjose.
  • patch -p1 < <path/to/downloaded/patch>
  • autoreconf
  • ./configure --with-wolfssl=/usr/local
  • make

To verify that this build passes the tests run:

  • make check

wolfSSL currently supports cjose version 0.6.1,

Feel free to contact us at facts@wolfssl.com for additional information and help with using the new features of wolfSSL.

This feature has been added in commit 0cfde0794b9c5ab1c01171745b800140ee4f8662.