wolfSSL (CyaSSL) Support for Marvell 88MC200 Hardware AES Module

The Marvell 88MC200 is a system-on-chip microcontroller designed to be cost-effective, flexible, and easy to use. It was developed specifically for building connected smart devices and appliances. The Marvell 88MC200 is incredibly small (thumb-size) and runs energy efficient applications that can be used in mobile or cloud-based environments.

Marvell provides the Easy-Connect Software Development Kit (SDK) in combination with the 88MC200. This is a FreeRTOS-based software stack focusing on application-specific software functionality. One of the features of the 88MC200 is the inclusion of a hardware-accelerated AES module. When using wolfSSL in the Marvell SDK, wolfSSL automatically offloads AES operations into the 88MC200 hardware module. In doing so, users gain advantages in both speed and footprint size.

For more information on using wolfSSL with the Marvell 88MC200, contact us at facts@wolfssl.com. For detailed module information and other Marvell products, visit www.marvell.com.

Marvell 88MC200