wolfSSL embedded ssl and OpenWRT

There’s a great article on “Building Custom Firmware with OpenWRT” in the August edition of Linux Journal:  www.linuxjournal.com.  It’s not out on their website yet, but is available in paper form if you pick up a copy. 
If you haven’t checked out the OpenWRT project yet, you can do so here:  www.openwrt.org.  We’ve been supporting OpenWRT for a couple of years now with our wolfSSL embedded ssl implementation, and it had now been adopted by quite a few OpenWRT applications and derivatives.  A couple of examples include:  http://www.gargoyle-router.com/, who hacked wolfSSL down even much smaller than the normal 50k, and LuCi, http://luci.subsignal.org/.
If you’re using wolfSSL in an open source project, keep in mind that our policy is to support open source projects for free, as in free beer at our SSL party.  It will rock.  As such, you can channel your questions directly to our forums http://sourceforge.net/projects/yassl/forums/forum/439591, or if they are sensitive, email them to us at info@yassl.com
Rock on!