wolfSSL Expands Compatibility Layer for OpenSSL Applications

The wolfSSL OpenSSL compatibility layer is a means to switch applications designed for OpenSSL over to use wolfSSL. In addition to this, it is constantly expanded and currently has more than 500 commonly used OpenSSL functions. wolfSSL also provides Crypto API support to enable easier migration of projects.

We recently added some more in our wolfSSL 4.7.0 release!

  • SSL_get_verify_mode

… to name a few.

Why might one want to make the migration from OpenSSL and turn on this compatibility in the first place? To start, wolfSSL has numerous benefits over its counterpart, OpenSSL. Some of these include hardware acceleration implementations, progressive adoptions of TLS 1.3 as well as a reduced footprint size. In addition to this, there is the potential to use wolfCrypt FIPS. wolfSSL maintains current FIPS 140-2 (and soon to be 140-3) support which is used in numerous applications. We also provide FIPS Ready builds to help get projects ready for FIPS verification. All of this is supported by a team of trained wolfSSL engineers.

For more information about the OpenSSL compatibility layer or the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library, contact us today at facts@wolfssl.com!