wolfSSL in ExpressVPN’s Lightway

ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol is out of beta and leverages wolfSSL for secure crypto. As such, the “modern VPN” inherits speed, performance, best-tested security and is able to maintain it’s lightweight mobility.

“In terms of the encryption, [ExpressVPN’s Chief Architect, Pete] Membrey explained that Lightway uses wolfSSL. ‘To be clear, we didn’t roll any of our own crypto. It’s something we – as a principle – keep well away from. It’s extremely easy to get that wrong so we outsourced it, effectively, to a library that’s open source and has been audited.’

wolfSSL is used on millions of devices already and is the library that powers Pokémon GO. It’s designed for embedded devices, so it’s fast on Apple M1 chip, on routers, iPhones and more.”

Learn more about ExpressVPN’s announcement on their blog and TechAdvisor.


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