wolfSSL in Lighttpd

Lighttpd (pronounced lighty) is a web server that has a small footprint size in comparison to other web servers. Setting up Lighttpd allows for handling HTTP requests and with the addition of TLS/SSL also handling HTTPS requests. The benefit of having a small footprint size is that it takes up less memory for total installation and for each connection made. This allows it to be more scalable and also use less resources.

Combining the small footprint size of wolfSSL with Lighttpd makes for an extremely light weight web server. Perfect for use on IoT devices with constrained amounts of memory and on large servers looking for scalability. With the use of wolfSSL, users can get the progressiveness and solid security that the embedded TLS/SSL library offers on their web servers. To build wolfSSL for use with Lighttpd simply run the configure option “./configure –enable-lighty” from wolfSSL`s main directory, then make and make install.

For a version of Lighttpd that links to the wolfSSL library, or for more information, contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.