wolfSSL with Keil MDK5 and RTX

If you are a Keil MDK-ARM user, we’re happy to remind our users that the wolfSSL embedded SSL library is integrated into the Keil MDK5 as an easy-to-use software pack.

This integration means that MDK5 users can easily pull in SSL/TLS support directly to their Keil projects without going out to the web to do a separate download.  In addition to the library itself, several example projects using wolfSSL are also available.

As stated by Reinhard Keil, ARM’s Director of MCU Tools, “The Keil and wolfSSL teams have successfully collaborated to fully integrate wolfSSL Embedded SSL into MDK 5. The result is the most seamless tool combination available for developers wishing to secure their device communications with SSL.”

To read more, the press release can be found here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/10/prweb11215195.htm.  We’re excited to hear user feedback and field any questions that may come up.  Let us know what you think at facts@wolfssl.com.

wolfSSL also supports Keil RTX.  Keil RTX is a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) that supports ARM and Cortex-M.  It is a royalty free RTOS designed for embedded systems with deterministic behavior.  Read more about Keil RTX here: http://www.keil.com/rl-arm/kernel.asp and http://www.keil.com/rl-arm/rtx_benefits.asp

Documentation for wolfSSL with Keil MDK-ARM can be found here: https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/keil-mdk-arm/