wolfSSL and libOQS Integration

wolfSSL has long been aware of the quantum threat to modern cryptography. Though quantum computing currently exists on small scales, research has determined enough to know that once full-scale quantum computing is available, all modern cryptography (RSA, ECC, etc.) will no longer be secure. Furthermore, the proven usage model of Quantum Computing as a Service (QCaaS) via the Cloud means that quantum capabilities will be more widely available, posing a greater security threat. This risk is why wolfSSL provides support for integration with the NTRU cryptosystem and an implementation of the QSH TLS extension. 

With NIST already having announced the Round 3 finalists of the Post-Quantum Cryptography Competition, we thought it was time to update our quantum-safe offerings. WolfSSL will soon support integration with the Open Quantum-Safe project’s libOQS. Initial support will be for Key Exchange only using all parameter sets of Crystals-Kyber, NTRU, and SABER for TLS 1.3. With perfect forward secrecy, these algorithms can protect you from the “Harvest and Decrypt” threat model.


“Harvest and Decrypt”

If encrypted sensitive data is stolen (harvested) today, it will be accessible (decrypted) once a sufficiently-powered quantum computer is available. If the sensitive information has a secrecy requirement that extends beyond the time it will take to develop large-scale quantum computing, then that data should be considered at risk today. The quantum threat to current confidential data demonstrates the importance of migrating to quantum-safe solutions as soon as possible. For more details, you can look up “Mosca’s Inequality”.


Next Steps

To continue future-proofing encrypted data streams, wolfSSL plans to hybridize key construction algorithms with NIST-standardized ECDSA components. These hybridized algorithms will continue to be FIPS compliant under the current NIST standards. In addition, wolfSSL is developing a test for post-quantum cURL, coming in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

wolfSSL is attending ICMC (International Cryptographic Module Conference) this week, where we will be talking more about post-quantum computing—come visit us there! 

For more information, please contact us at facts@wolfssl.com or visit our GitHub!