wolfSSL is implementing MIKEY-SAKKE!

MIKEY-SAKKE is a standard created by the UK government’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). MIKEY-SAKKE is a standard designed to enable secure, cross-platform multimedia communications. It is highly scalable, requiring no prior setup between users or distribution of user certificates. It is designed to be centrally-managed, giving a domain manager full control of the security of the system. But even so, it maintains high-availability, as calling does not require interaction with centralized architecture.

wolfSSL is a lightweight TLS/SSL library that is targeted for embedded devices and systems. It has support for the TLS 1.3 protocol, which is a secure protocol for transporting data between devices and across the Internet. In addition, wolfSSL uses the wolfCrypt encryption library to handle its data encryption.

Secure communications are needed across all governments. As a result governments create policies encouraging the development of security solutions. MIKEY-SAKKE is the answer to the security requirements from the UK government to specify secure, open and patent free cryptographic methods in order to empower private industry to provide UK government interoperable secure communication solutions. As a result many private and commercial organizations perceive a sizable advantage being MIKEY-SAKKE compliant.

If there are any specific questions about how wolfSSL integrates, please contact our team at facts@wolfssl.com. If there is a desire for wolfSSL to include other cybersecurity standards, please let the wolfSSL team know!