wolfSSL now available in Espressif Component Registry

Serious, commercial-grade encryption tools are essential in every developer’s programming toolbox. We at wolfSSL continue to embrace the exciting new technologies at Espressif for the ESP32 SoC chipsets. Today, we announce the first availability of the wolfSSL embedded encryption libraries in the ESP Registry located at components.espressif.com

Add wolfSSL to your project:

This new capability makes it easier than ever to get started with wolfSSL in the ESP-IDF environment. On the wolfSSL component page, just click the “Copy to Clipboard” icon:

Paste that “add-dependency” command in the root of your project directory, run it, and voila! You now have wolfSSL available in your project. Through the magic of the new Managed Components, simply run the idf.py build command for your project as usual: 

idf.py build

After the dependency was added as described above, the wolfSSL library will be automatically downloaded and installed into your project at build time.

Want something even easier to get started with wolfSSL? We’ve included examples! The examples can be automatically installed with the “create-project-from-example” parameter:

See an example in 4 easy steps:

Here’s an example using the wolfSSL benchmark app. From scratch, nothing else needed other than these 4 steps to:

  (1) setup the ESP-IDF environment.

  (2) fetch the wolfSSL benchmark example.

  (3) change directory to the downloaded project.

  (4) compile, upload, and view output.

Like this:

. ~/esp/esp-idf/export.sh
idf.py create-project-from-example "wolfssl/wolfssl^5.6.0-stable:wolfssl_test"
cd wolfssl_test
idf.py -b 115200 flash monitor

Additional details:

To check which version of the Component Manager is currently available, use the command:

python -m idf_component_manager -h

The Component Manager should have been installed during the installation of the ESP-IDF. If your version of ESP-IDF doesn’t come with the IDF Component Manager, you can install it:

python -m pip install --upgrade idf-component-manager

For further details on the Espressif Component Manager, see the GitHub idf-component-manager repo.

Have a specific request or questions? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at support@wolfssl.com or open an issue on GitHub.