wolfSSL on Cavium OCTEON

Looking for networking encryption and decryption? The powerful combination of wolfSSL and OCTEON hardware make for an exceptionally speedy and secure network connection. Cavium`s OCTEON processors have outstanding hardware acceleration support available for algorithms used in networking. For example in benchmarks ran using wolfSSL, AES operations increased from 8.6 MB/s to 261 MB/s with the OCTEON processor`s hardware acceleration support. That`s over 252 MB/s more!!

Along with hardware acceleration support for common symmetric algorithms, there is also support for asymmetric algorithms such as RSA and DH. A whole RSA encrypt and decrypt could be done in less than 7.5 milliseconds with hardware acceleration versus an average of 168 milliseconds without.

All of these massive increases in performance were seen with the use of just one core. The CN5860-SCP processor has the possibility of using all 16 cores, each core being able to handle its own SSL session. That`s the possibility of 16 independent and extremely fast SSL connections running in parallel.

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