wolfSSL with PikeOS and ElinOS and TLS 1.3

Are you a user of PikeOS or ElinOS, and interested in a lightweight TLS 1.3 implementation?  The wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library now supports TLS 1.3 (drafts 18 and 20).  TLS 1.3 improves performance of establishing TLS connections by reducing the required number of round trips during the TLS handshake (including a new 0-RTT option where applications can send application data in the first flight!).  It also increases security by removing old legacy algorithms in favor of new, secure, and performant ones.

If you aren’t familiar with these operating systems, here’s a quick summary via Wikipedia:


“PikeOS is a microkernel-based real-time operating system made by SYSGO AG. It is targeted at safety and security critical embedded systems. It provides a partitioned environment for multiple operating systems with different design goals, safety requirements, or security requirements to coexist in a single machine.”


“ELinOS is a commercial development environment for embedded Linux. It consists of a Linux distribution for the target embedded system and development tools for a development host computer. ELinOS provides embedded Linux as a standalone operating system or it can be integrated into the PikeOS virtualization platform if safety and security demands cannot be met by Linux alone.”

To learn more about how to use wolfSSL with TLS 1.3, you can visit our TLS 1.3 webpage, or contact us at facts@wolfssl.com!