wolfSSL RC2-ECB/CBC Support and Integration with PKCS#12

One of the features included in the new wolfSSL 4.6.0 release is support for RC2-ECB/CBC and its integration into wolfSSL’s PKCS#12 functionality.

RC2-ECB/CBC has been added to wolfCrypt for users who have backwards compatibility requirements and may need to interop with older existing applications or devices. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled with the “--enable-rc2” configure option.

Along with the addition of RC2, wolfSSL now supports parsing and decoding PKCS#12 bundles generated using pbeWithSHA1And40BitRC2-CBC encryption. By default, OpenSSL generates .p12 bundles with pbeWithSHA1And40BitRC2-CBC encryption when using the pkcs12 command. This change now allows wolfSSL to decode those OpenSSL-generated .p12 bundles.

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