wolfSSL Premium Support

One of the primary distinctions between wolfSSL and other security libraries is the availability of commercial support packages (https://www.wolfssl.com/products/support-and-maintenance/).

The Premium Support package includes these benefits:

  • Optimization Assistance
  • Unlimited Support Incidents
  • Contact via email, phone, and shared screen debug session
  • Dedicated Support Engineer
  • 4 Business Hour Response Time
  • Build Config Added to Nightly CI Tests

Having your build configuration tested by our Nightly CI ensures that any changes made to the library will not cause regressions to your project! Having a highly configurable library means having a high level of complexity. We make every effort to test against the most common configurations, and having your project’s wolfSSL configuration added to that matrix removes any uncertainty that you’ll be able to painlessly update to future releases of the library.

Customers with our 24×7 Support package gain the additional advantage of having their target hardware added to our Nightly CI Tests.

wolfSSL wants to help you achieve your project’s security goals! Please contact us (facts@wolfssl.com) with any questions.