wolfSSL Release 3.15.0

wolfSSL is proud to announce release v3.15.0 of our wolfSSL embedded TLS library. Among the many additions are:

  • Support for wolfCrypt FIPS on SGX
  • Support for TLS 1.3 Draft versions
  • Single Precision assembly code added for ARM and 64-bit ARM to enhance performance
  • Improved performance for Single Precision maths on 32-bit
  • Expanded OpenSSL compatibility layer

We have added Intel SGX as an operating environment for our wolfCrypt FIPS library. You can take advantage of running the wolfCrypt code in a secure enclave. For more information, contact fips@wolfssl.com.

With the finalization of TLS 1.3 on the horizon, we add incremental support for the drafts of the protocol. wolfSSL is current through draft 28 of the specification.

We are committed to supporting TLS 1.3 on embedded platforms, and we want to squeeze the most performance out of the chips for public key algorithms. After great success with the Intel assembly performance increases, we have added ARM assembly single-precision math support for RSA, ECC, and DHE.

To make porting existing projects over to wolfSSL, we have our OpenSSL compatibility layer. We are always expanding it. This release includes a large set of APIs to our support.

For more information, please contact facts@wolfssl.com. You can see the full change log in the source archive from our website at www.wolfssl.com or at our GitHub repository.