wolfSSL Release 3.7.0

wolfSSL has a new release out, version 3.7.0. In this release we have added features and bug fixes to the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library and further increased its ease of use on platforms in the realm of IoT, with the addition of a Rowley Crossworks example. Along with additions for Rowley there has been an update to the MDK5-ARM and FreeRTOS project keeping wolfSSL at the cutting edge of embedded TLS/SSL.

Some of the features added to our TLS and wolfCrypt layer are: the IDEA cipher, an example of plugging in user choice of external RSA cryptography, and support for the ALPN, which allows making connections over HTTP2.

For a full list of features, and to try them out, download wolfSSL 3.7.0 from the download page, or follow our development branch on GitHub.

For more information about wolfSSL contact us at facts@wolfssl.com