wolfSSL Release 5.6.2 Available!

wolfSSL release 5.6.2 is now available! wolfSSL 5.6.2 brings many new features, exciting enhancements, fixes, and vulnerability fixes. Here at wolfSSL the developers are working diligently to achieve the highest level of security for users. Release 5.6.2 provides quality fixes which we were able to find and address by working quickly with independent researchers who file reports of potential issues.

Some of the notable changes in this release are:
* Adding in support for STM32H5, Renesas TSIP v1.17, Renesas SCE RSA crypto-only support, NXP IMX6Q CAAM port with QNX
* An ASN.1 syntax parsing utility located in ./examples/asn1/ directory
* Memory usage optimizations and code size reduction with lean builds
* Documentation, benchmark app, and unit test app improvements
* Fixes for use with STM32 and code quality improvements including a potential out of buffer access fix

Two vulnerabilities were addressed in this release dealing with TLS 1.3 client side behavior and another with AES side channel issue on RISC-V. More details about the vulnerabilities can be found in the wolfSSL ChangeLog along with special thanks to the researchers who reported them.

For questions about wolfSSL email facts@wolfssl.com