wolfSSL Release 5.6.3 Available!

wolfSSL release 5.6.3 is available. This is a minor release version that resolves an issue found when building with autoconf in release 5.6.2. Included in this release are 3 other improvements and fixes that increase the quality of code and ease of use of wolfSSL. The following is a list of all 4 items in wolfSSL 5.6.3:

  • Fix for setting the atomic macro options introduced in release 5.6.2. This issue affects GNU gcc autoconf builds. The fix resolves a potential mismatch of the generated macros defined in options.h file and the macros used when the wolfSSL library is compiled. In version 5.6.2 this mismatch could result in unstable runtime behavior.
  • Fix for invalid suffix error with Windows build using the macro GCM_TABLE_4BIT.
  • Improvements to Encrypted Memory support (WC_PROTECT_ENCRYPTED_MEM) implementations for modular exponentiation in SP math-all (sp_int.c) and TFM (tfm.c).
  • Improvements to SendAlert for getting the output buffer.

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