wolfSSL Release Version 3.8.0

wolfSSL version 3.8.0 has been released and is now available for download. The release has many new feature additions and some minor fixes. One of the new feature additions is that there have been APIs added for single shot hashing, creating a signature, and verifying a signature. This allows users to easily create a hash or signature for single time use by just calling one API. Cutting out the time needed to manage structs for the algorithms used in the process. Another feature added is a C# wrapper to allow using the wolfSSL embedded TLS/SSL library when working with C#.

A couple of the fixes in release 3.8.0 were for IDEA on 16 and 32-bit systems along with a fix for LowResTimer on Microchip ports. No high level security fixes were needed with this release but we always recommend updating to the latest release version.

The full list of changes in this release, taken from the README are listed below:

– Example client/server with VxWorks
– AES-NI use with AES-GCM
– stunnel compatibility enhancements
– Single shot hash and signature/verify API added
– Update Cavium NITROX port
– LPCXpresso IDE support added
– C# wrapper to support wolfSSL use by a C# program
– (BETA version)OCSP stapling added
– Update OpenSSH compatibility
– Improve DTLS handshake when retransmitting finished message
– fix idea_mult() for 16 and 32bit systems
– fix LowResTimer on Microchip ports

For more information about wolfSSL contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.