wolfSSL Releases IoT Demo of CyaSSL Working with Xively and mbed

For those of you interested in how CyaSSL fits into IoT, here is an example you should take a look at!

We have prepared a demo with CyaSSL, Xively, and mbed. It runs on various mbed platforms with Ethernet connections, including NXP LPC1768 whose RAM size is as small as 32k for applications + 32k for drivers.

In the demo configuration, mbed sends sensor data every 10 seconds through SSL to the Xively server, and you can see it through the browser on your pc.

 “mbed with Sensors” –[https]–> “Xively Server” <–[https]– “Browser on PC”

Xively is a cloud IoT service. It provides both HTTP and HTTPS APIs for IoT clients, in which they highly recommend HTTPS for obvious reasons, especially for commercial applications.

The demo includes the CyaSSL-based https client class. It is forked from the standard mbed http client class. So you can find out how it can be embedded into a socket-based program as well.

To use the project, please go to our mbed site and import the demo.



For more information:

Xively: http://xively.com

mbed: http://mbed.org

mbed HTTPClient class: