wolfSSL repository for FreeRTOS classic and Amazon FreeRTOS

We have created a new repository for hosting the FreeRTOS classic and Amazon FreeRTOS support for wolfSSL located here:

There are two pull requests with support for wolfSSL including demos:

FreeRTOS Classic v10.0.1 with wolfSSL/wolfMQTT demos:

  • Added a wolfMQTT FreeRTOS TCP demo. This demo connects to the iot.eclipse.org MQTT broker with TLS on port 8883. It sends a counter publish message every second.
  • Updated wolfSSL demo:
  • Project built and tested against latest v3.14.4 release.
  • Switched to using user_settings.h (WOLFSSL_USER_SETTINGS).
  • Updated the certs (expired Jan 31, 2018).
  • Stop tracking the .filter project file.
  • Add submodule for wolfMQTT v1.0 plus FreeRTOS TCP support.
  • Replace wolfSSL sources with submodule wolfSSL v3.14.4 plus some Win VS fixes.
  • Initial FreeRTOS v10.0.1

Amazon FreeRTOS v1.2.3 port to use wolfSSL:

  • Port of the Amazon FreeRTOS v1.2.3 to use wolfSSL.
  • Added a new solution and project for demo at FreeRTOS-AWS/demos/pc/windows/visual_studio/aws_demo_wolf.sln.
  • Added wolfssl as submodule.