wolfSSL Roadmap for 2016

Curious about new features and additions to wolfSSL technologies for the coming year?

Some items on our current roadmap include:
– Early TLS 1.3 adoption
– Non-blocking Crypto support
– DTLS robustness improvements
– Curve25519 / Ed25519 integration at the TLS level
– Increased IoT platforms
– More resource reduction options

In terms of new environments we’ll have:
– More FIPS platforms
– Additional hardware acceleration options
– Easier integration with event programming
– Data plane development support

More Open Source project plugins including:

New product offerings will include:
– wolfSSH
– wolfSFUS (secure firmware update system)
– wolfCrypt as a separate library
– wolfCLU (command line utility)
– wolfMQTT enhancements

We also anticipate offering our testing and security audit programs as services. Keep an eye out for connected home white papers and case studies.

Something we missed, or something you would like to see on our roadmap? Please let us know.