wolfSSL and Static Memory on FreeRTOS

We are proud to announce that wolfSSL’s static memory feature with FreeRTOS received an update in our latest 3.14.0 release. This feature allows for memory allocation to stack memory instead of using the heap. In previous versions of the wolfSSL embedded TLS library, the library would not compile when trying to use FreeRTOS and static memory. With this update, when FREERTOS is defined, the static memory feature uses pvPortMalloc() instead of malloc() when WOLFSSL_NO_MALLOC is not defined and a heap hint is not used.

With this new behavior when handling memory allocation in an RTOS environment wolfSSL now supports using only stack where supported.

For more information about building wolfSSL on embedded, IoT, and/or RTOS environments with static memory enabled please visit our static buffer allocation documentation page.