wolfSSL Summer of Security Internship Program 2024

Are you a college or university student interested in application, device, and Internet security?  Do you want to learn about cryptography and the implementation and application of Internet protocols (SSL/TLS, SSH, MQTT, TPM)?  If so, consider applying for wolfSSL’s 2024 Summer of Security internship program!

wolfSSL is the leading global producer of Open Source Internet security products, securing over 2 Billion active connections on the Internet today. The wolfSSL “Summer of Security” program is an internship which spans the Summer months (typically June – August, depending on class schedules) and brings qualified students on-board to learn about how security software is written, tested, and applied to real-world use cases.

Minimum Requirements

  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related technical field.
  • Experience and familiarity with C programming
  • Experience and familiarity with git/GitHub

Prior experience with embedded systems, network programming, or Linux/Unix are a plus, but not a hard requirement for application.


The 2024 internship will be held at wolfSSL’s Bozeman, MT office.

About the Job

Interns who participate in this program gain valuable knowledge in the SSL/TLS and security industry as well as C programming experience on Linux and embedded systems.  Throughout the summer, interns play a role in improving wolfSSL products – working on testing, documentation, examples, porting, marketing, and interacting with our community.

This program is a great opportunity to be part of the Open Source community, learn how real-world software is created and maintained, gain work experience in the field of Computer Science, and work towards a potential career with the wolfSSL team.

Apply Today!

If you are interested in learning more about the wolfSSL Summer of Security internship program, please send the following items to internships@wolfssl.com:

  1. Resume with Cover Letter
  2. C Programming Sample
    • A C application which best demonstrates your C programming ability.  There are no requirements on the category or length of the application. Applications which can be compiled and run by wolfSSL recruiters are preferred.
  3. Technical Writing Sample
    • A writing sample which best demonstrates your writing ability.  There is no requirement of topic or length of this sample.

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