wolfSSL Summer of Security

“Fear urged him to go back, but growth drove him on.” ? Jack London, White Fang

The Internet of Things is a fast growing technology sector with new embedded devices introduced daily. With this increase in products which frequently require SSL/TLS and cryptography, wolfSSL has been experiencing continual growth and decided to bring in a team of interns for the 2014 Summer season. wolfSSL executives chose to recruit students from Montana State University which is known for its ability to produce exceptional Computer Science graduates. Six students were selected for the Summer and will be completing their internships in Bozeman, MT under the direction of Chris Conlon, senior engineer at wolfSSL, also a Montana State graduate.

The Summer of Security program is allowing the wolfSSL interns to gain knowledge in the embedded SSL industry as well as valuable programming experience in Linux and embedded distributions. Throughout the Summer, the interns will play a role in improving documentation, current examples, and community support within wolfSSL. Interns will be learning the CyaSSL SSL and TLS library and writing documents to provide users with a better understanding of the CyaSSL library.

The Summer of Security is a great opportunity for students to increase work experience in the field of computer science and work towards a potential career as part of the wolfSSL team. The team at wolfSSL looks for knowledgeable students who have experience in C systems development. Prior embedded systems experience is a plus. If you are interested in learning more about the wolfSSL Summer of Security internship program, feel free to contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.