wolfSSL Support for Apache Mynewt

Apache Mynewt

Apache Mynewt is a operating system which is Open Source, modular and realtime (RTOS). It is designed for IoT devices that have limited memory and storage and need to run for a long time with minimal power consumption. More details of Apache Mynewt can be found on the project’s website: http://mynewt.apache.org/

wolfSSL is happy to announce support for Apache Mynewt! We have added a new preprocessor define to enable the mynewt port layer in wolfSSL, called WOLFSSL_APACHE_MYNEWT. This port uses Mynewt’s raw socket interface, “mnsocket”, to send and receive data over the SSL/TLS connection.

In order to use wolfSSL in your mynewt project, You need to deploy wolfSSL source code to the project. Please see the README.md document included with wolfSSL for information about deployment and build methods.  Our Mynewt port and project documentation is located in the “IDE/mynewt” directory of the wolfSSL package:


We also created an example wolfSSL client for Mynewt.  To use the wolfSSL client sample in your mynewt project, you first need to first deploy the “wolfssl-example” source code to the project.  Please see the README.md document in our “wolfssl-examples” repository on GitHub for information about build, test, and deployment methods.


Please contact us at facts@wolfssl.com if you would like more information about our Apache Mynewt support or about the wolfSSL SSL/TLS library in general. wolfSSL also now supports TLS 1.3 and FIPS 140-2, both of which could now be used in conjunction with Apache Mynewt!