wolfSSL Support for Microchip TCP/IP Version 6

Are you interested in using the wolfSSL lightweight SSL/TLS library with version 6 of the Microchip TCP/IP stack? If so, you’re in luck! We recently added support for version 6 to wolfSSL. Now wolfSSL supports running on top of either version 5 or version 6 of the stack.

We have updated not only our library source code, but also our example PIC32 SSL client and server. You can find more details on our PIC32-specific webpage, here: http://yassl.com/yaSSL/cyassl-pic32.html.

To download the latest version of wolfSSL with support for Microchip TCP/IP version 6, please see our GitHub repository (https://github.com/cyassl/cyassl). Support will also roll into our next stable release of wolfSSL in June.

wolfSSL Product Page: http://yassl.com/yaSSL/Products-cyassl.html
Microchip TCP/IP Stack: https://www.microchip.com/SWLibraryWeb/product.aspx?product=TCPIPSTACK