wolfSSL Support for OpenSSH 9.0

wolfSSL has updated support for OpenSSH to version 9.0! The patch and instructions for applying and testing the patch are available here. OpenSSH 9.0 is the first exciting version to add support for the Streamlined NTRU Prime key encapsulation mechanism. It is a small lattice-based quantum-safe KEM. It is paired with the X25519 ECDH KEM to provide a fallback in the event of flaws being discovered in Streamlined NTRU Prime. This “quantum resistant” algorithm prevents adversaries from collecting and storing encrypted traffic now and decrypting it at a later date when quantum computers become a feasible attacking tool on current public key cryptographic algorithms. NTRU Prime makes use of the SHA-512 hashing algorithm. When compiling with wolfSSL, the SHA-512 algorithm is supplied by wolfSSL.

Read about all of the changes in OpenSSH 9.0 here.

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