wolfSSL Support Statistics

wolfSSL provides one of the most secure embedded SSL/TLS libraries, a high-powered and lightweight encryption engine, and other products. wolfSSL also provides various services, one of which is the exemplary support offered by the wolfSSL support team.

wolfSSLs' support is continuously improving in its quality and speed. This is shown by the average customer ratings that the wolfSSL support team receives, and through other additional feedback. When wolfSSL support closes a ticket, customers are given the option to either rate the support received as "Good, I'm satisfied," or "Bad, I'm unhappy,". For the year 2018, wolfSSL received a 98.6% overall satisfaction rating from hundreds of support cases. The average satisfaction rating for wolfSSL has been improving over the years, as a result of our continued efforts to provide not only the best tested cryptography in the world, but also the best customer support available from any crypto provider. We will continue to strive and deliver the best possible customer experience via our support department and look forward to assisting all of our users in any way we can.

To have your own questions answered by the wolfSSL support team, please contact support@wolfssl.com. We also provide some more general information about wolfSSL products which can be obtained by contacting facts@wolfssl.com.

Did you know that wolfSSL supports TLS 1.3!? More information can be found here: https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/tls13/.