wolfSSL Supports Apache 2.4.51

wolfSSL has updated support for the Apache HTTP Server. We have updated support for Apache httpd to version 2.4.51 in pull request #4658. wolfSSL is a SSL/TLS library that implements support for the latest TLS standards (TLS 1.3 and DTLS 1.2).

Apache is the most popular web server on the Internet since April 1996 that provides a secure, efficient and extensible web server. By building wolfSSL, you can leverage the full power of wolfCrypt. This includes hardware support for multiple platforms and architectures, FIPS 140-2 (soon 140-3) compliance for your FIPS needs, and the best tested cryptography on the market.

To build wolfSSL for Apache httpd, please configure wolfSSL with –enable-apachehttpd –enable-postauth. The patch and instructions for using Apache 2.4.51 with wolfSSL 5.1.0 can be found at https://github.com/wolfSSL/osp/tree/master/apache-httpd.

If you have any questions or comments,please get in contact with the wolfSSL team. (facts@wolfssl.com)
A full list of what was changed can be found in the wolfSSL ChangeLog (https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/wolfssl-changelog/).