wolfSSL Supports the RIM PlayBook

Did you know that wolfSSL supports running on the RIM PlayBook? The PlayBook runs the QNX operating system, which we have supported for the last five years – ever since our first source release of wolfSSL.

We have posted before about wolfSSL`s build sizes on QNX, which are an impressive 80k (compared to a standard OpenSSL build of 2M). With QNX`s successful track record, we are proud to support the RIM PlayBook.

If you plan on trying out wolfSSL on the PlayBook, let us know! In addition, if you need any help with wolfSSL and QNX, we`d be more than happy to help out! For more information on wolfSSL`s feature list, please see the wolfSSL product page.

View the PlayBook product page: http://na.blackberry.com/
Learn more about QNX from their website: http://www.qnx.com/

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact info@yassl.com.