wolfSSL + Tenasys INTime RTOS

Did you know that wolfSSL includes a port to the Tenasys INTime RTOS? You can read more in our original press release from Tenasys here: Secured INtime system traffic!  Tenasys is using wolfSSL to secure their networked real-time systems and wolfSSL is happy to be integrated into the INTime networking stack which allows us to provide world renowned security to INTime SDK consumers.

wolfSSL also provides a FIPS 140-2 (and soon to be FIPS 140-3!) validated version of wolfCrypt! We also provide a “FIPS Ready” version of wolfSSL which is not associated with a FIPS validation, but includes FIPS-specific code. For users who may need a FIPS validated cryptography library in the future, FIPS Ready can be a good choice to make the transition as easy as possible.

If you have any questions, contact wolfSSL at facts@wolfssl.com

Reference: https://www.pressebox.com/pressrelease/tenasys-europe-gmbh/20-years-of-commercial-usage-TenAsys-Corp-shows-INtime-real-time-OS-at-Embedded-World-2017/boxid/842331