wolfSSL Version 4.7.0 Is Available!

Version 4.7.0 of wolfSSL has general fixes and optimizations, a few excellent feature additions, and some vulnerability fixes. Some of the new features added are support for S/MIME bundles which are commonly used with email traffic, an --enable-reproducable-build flag to help out with inspecting the wolfSSL library created, expansion to the OpenSSL compatibility layer, and additional session ticket API’s that help modularly control which TLS protocol version can use session tickets.

A few of the improvements and optimizations in the release are to linux kernel module support, DTLS resending of a flight after timeouts, the CMake build with a user settings file and out of directory builds of wolfSSL.

This release fixes 3 vulnerabilities, one of them being a TLS 1.3 client side issue that is rated as high. Thanks to Aina Toky Rasoamanana and Olivier Levillain from Télécom SudParis for the report on this TLS 1.3 issue.

A full list of items in the release can be seen in the ChangeLog.md bundled with wolfSSL or on our main webpage. For further reading about vulnerabilities see our webpage or contact us at facts@wolfssl.com for general wolfSSL information.