wolfTPM 2.4.0 Released!

We are excited to announce our wolfTPM v2.4 release. This includes improvements for Windows including support for cmake, C# wrappers, and c++ compiler fixes. This expands the wolfTPM cross platform API that is easy to use and supports Linux, Windows and embedded platforms. C# wrappers have been tested on Linux and Windows. These changes enable support for vcpkg for wolfSSL, wolfTPM, and wolfMQTT (see PR).

Release Details:

  • Fixes for c++ compiler (PR #206)
  • Adding a C# wrappers (PR #203)
  • CMake support (PR #202, #204, #205)
  • Add support for ST33 vendor specific command TPM_CC_GetRandom2 (PR #200)
  • Fix writing PEM in wolfTPM2_RsaKey_TpmToPemPub (PR #201)
  • Improve TPM2_SetupPCRSel (multiple calls) (PR #198)
  • Fix for a few spelling errors and whitespace cleanup (PR #199)
  • v2.3.1 updates (PR #197)
  • Fix make install by renaming pcr example read.c (PR #196)

For a full list of changes, check out the updated ChangeLog.md bundled with wolfSSL or view our page on GitHub here. For questions please email facts@wolfssl.com