How is wolfTPM better than the existing TPM stacks and why is it easier?

1. wolfTPM can run on resource constrained MCU, Embedded Systems and devices (IoT, Edge)

2. wolfTPM can be used in Trusted Execution Environments(TEE) and ARM TrustZone

3. wolfTPM does not have external dependencies

4. wolfTPM is the only open-source TPM2.0 stack that can be used in bare metal firmware

4.1 For industrial products using superloop architecture

4.2 For medical devices using state machines

4.3 For safety critical systems that use time scheduler

4.4 In any Real-Time-Operating-System

5. wolfTPM offers high-level wrapper functions to remove the knowledge barrier for newcomers to TPMs

6. wolfTPM maintains backward API compatibility

7. wolfTPM offers wrappers of TPM functions to accelerate development for professionals who want to add more security to their Secure Boot process, such as attestation and TPM seal/unseal

8. wolfTPM cuts R&D cost and time for development thanks to small code base and rich set of examples

9. wolfTPM offers many ready to use examples, like Certificate Signing Request example, Time attestation, and PCR attestation examples

10. wolfTPM is open-source and project development happens completely on GitHub

Extra. wolfTPM is the TPM stack chosen for the tutorial series on Attestation for newcomers at –