wolfTPM first to support Nuvoton NPCT75x extra GPIO for safety-critical applications

wolfTPM is the leading TPM library for embedded and baremetal applications. It is widely used in aerospace, military, and medical systems because the wolfSSL TPM 2.0 library is designed specifically for embedded systems. wolfTPM offers a low memory footprint and supports all of the TPM 2.0 commands and operations; as well as provids examples of: attestation, NVRAM usage, secure storage, and sealing.

Today, we have expanded on the new  TPM 2.0 feature called Extra GPIO, by adding support for the newest variant of NPCT75x modules by Nuvoton.

It is now possible to protect and control GPIO by using TPM 2.0 authorization. This way, extra GPIO on the TPM chip becomes a great tool for signaling of critical events across subsystems.

Since, wolfTPM already offers support for extra GPIO for ST33 modules from STMicroelectronics. Here is a brief comparison of the GPIO capabilities between ST33 and NPCT75x :

Manufacturer Model Extra GPIO availability GPIO modes
Nuvoton NPCT75x 2 GPIO for SPI & I2C 3 output modes
STMicroelectronics ST33 2 GPIO for SPI

4 GPIO for I2C
6 modes in total

In safety-critical systems, extra GPIO control through the TPM 2.0 module provides signaling for security events and important changes of the system state. Such use cases are observed in the rising railway IoT automation and in modern automotive systems.

We want to thank the team at Nuvoton led by Mr. Oren and the amazing field application engineer Ms. Dana for collaborating on this project.

If you want to use TPM 2.0 and secure GPIO signaling in your next project please contact us at facts@wolfssl.com